HIV/AIDs Awareness/ Prevention, Reproductive Health Campaign and Needs, Plus Child Abuse

KDA takes serious concern about the health of people with maginalized disabilities as they are vulnerable to the scourge of HIV/AIDs and the dangers associated with reproductive health which include sexual behaviors and characters, sex education, access to contraceptive services/ Family planning, prevention of STDs, Consent as a right to sex characters and morals, HIV testing and counseling, where they have limited or no disclosure and support.



To create awareness about HIV/AIDS and its dangers to human life through sensitization of people with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and learning disabilities including the general public at large

Key Interventions:

  1. Sensitization of the community through provision of contraceptives/ family planning.
  2. HIV testing, counseling and guidance
  3. Introduction of prevention methods for STIs (e.g., circumcision, supplying condoms)S

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Previous Activities

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