Economic Empowerment


KDA established that most families of children and youth with marginalized disabilities would be able to manage the IGAs to enable them to provide basic needs to their children. Most of them, however, have limited opportunities to enable them to start such projects.

Interaction with parents, caregivers and people with disabilities, indicated a number of projects that can be managed easily yet they have high returns of investment. These include:

  1. Piggery project
  2. Poultry keeping
  3. Goats and Sheep rearing
  4. Provision of Heifers
  5. Crop Farming
  6.  Art and crafts
  7. Tailoring
  8. Cookery
  9. Bee Keeping
  10. Rabbit Keeping
  11. Carpentry and Joinery among others

Currently, KDA has over 260 families with children and youth with marginalized disabilities. Over 80% of them require support financially or materially to enable them establish Income Generating Activities.

Establishing IGAs has helped to improve the incomes of the families, their capacity to meet the needs of people with marginalized disabilities and ultimately contributing to their independent living.

This program focuses on improving the livelihood of people with disabilities through empowerment in terms of skills and competencies in managing viable income generation activities as well as empowering households with children and youth with cerebral Palsy, autism and intellectual disabilities to be able to meet their basic needs.

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